I take the mystery out of real estate investing and give you a clear path to success by fixing and flipping houses.

At the Urban Flip Academy learn to find, fund and flip houses using other people’s money and do it all over the United States.

So take control of your future!

You can have financial freedom and build your
wealth with real estate investing.

You can learn to fix and flip houses without the fear of failure, without using your own money to invest, and without ever having to step foot inside your fix and flip projects. 

You can learn to invest in real estate in a more personal way from me, an active investor, who is ready to walk you through your flips and help you throughout the whole process, the smart way, not the hard way. 
I know how to help you find the best deals, in any market, in any economy.
I provide the education, resources and community you need to gain the confidence to take action and succeed in everything from fixing and flipping to wholesaling and buying rental properties.

You’re talking to the right guy

I was right where you are once. I had read all the books, watched the webinars, joined the groups, and did so much more to learn about real estate investing. 

I even spent hours Googling how to get started!

Sound familiar?

I knew I needed an experienced mentor to walk me through the overwhelming world of real estate, so I made the decision to invest in my future, and I finally searched for the best real estate investors in the industry to mentor me. 

The investment I made into their mentorships resulted in me making just under $2 million in my first year investing in real estate.

How do you know this course is for you?

Here's the big promise

At the end of this course you will know every single step of the house flipping process inside and out. 

You’ll be networking, analyzing deals, and searching for properties like an experienced investor. 
You’ll have me holding your hand throughout the process on your fix and flips.

My One-On-One Mentorship

I promise to take the mystery out of real estate by being there for you when you need me, whether it’s to give you direct advice or refer you to my team, my lenders or my network so you know exactly what move to make next.

I’ll get on the phone with you and help you analyze your deals to make sure you’re getting maximum profits out of your flips.
I can answer the hardest questions that come up for you during this learning process.

The Group Chat

That’s what I call my invaluable network of students-turned-investors. I should definitely come up with something more meaningful to call them! 

The group chat is for people who are serious about developing relationships with professionals in this field, getting free advice, and partnering on deals together. 
This is a strong community ready to support and help one another.

The Urban Flip Blueprint

This is the heart of the Urban Flip Academy. 

It’s the step-by-step process for flipping a house, which I explain in thorough detail so that you have perfect clarity on each topic.
I leave absolutely nothing out! Team building, negotiations, the buying process, renovation, and reselling tactics… and everything in between!

The course content

Look what’s in the toolkit!

The perks that make all the difference

One-on-one mentoring

Personalized attention from me, your mentor, Dan Zhukov.

Full access to my team of experts

I work with the best in the industry! They’re ready to respond to your needs as much as I am.

Direct access to my personal lenders

If you find a deal, it will get funded!

one hour session with my tax professional

Taxes are confusing! I’ll help you get oriented by giving you exclusive face time with my tax expert.

Access to the exclusive UFA Group Chat

This is your new group of like-minded friends and colleagues who are ready to help and support you.

The essential Urban Flip Toolkit for professional investors

The toolkit that will take you from beginner to pro!

Access to an expert in rental properties

He knows everything there is to know about buying and holding rental properties.

Access for Life!

You pay one time for everything forever.

A money-back guarantee!

Our promise is backed by a 14 day money back guarantee! Call to cancel anytime within 14 days and we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Don’t take my word for it


No problem! I’ll help you strategize so that you won’t have to use any of your own money to flip a house.

My advice is to flip at least one house before you decide what you want. You’ll make your investment in this course back with one flip and you’ll be better equipped to decide if it’s right for you.

You absolutely must understand how to evaluate your projects before you commit to them. I can teach you to get the numbers right every time to avoid rookie mistakes.

Besides not using any of your own money, you have the added benefit of learning to flip houses remotely! That means you can choose any neighborhood in America and see success. If you’re more comfortable starting in a market where prices are lower, that’s ok!

I have three words for you: prepare, plan and practice. The more you know and the sooner you know it, the better prepared you’ll be when you enter the wide world of real estate. This course will give you the tools to practice looking for properties, running the numbers, and making offers (even if you don’t take the deals!). Also keep in mind that the price of the course increases gradually.

This course is pre-recorded and you can sign in and watch in your own time (self-paced). You can go as fast or as slow as you need to. Since you have access for life, time never runs out… although the sooner you finish and are able to take action, the better.

This course is designed to bring you success on your first flip. While there is no magic wand to making a profit, and no end to free information online; my personal network, my reputation, my time, and my emotional energy goes 100% into your success. You’ll see infinite returns if you follow the steps the way I teach you in the Academy.

If you’re interested in getting your feet wet, I offer a very inexpensive Masterclass that doesn’t include all the bells and whistles of the Urban Flip Academy, but you’ll learn enough to get started on your own! What’s not included: my one-on-one mentorship, my personal connections, the group chat, wholesaling and rentals, the full Urban Flip toolkit, among others.

Join the Urban Flip Academy

Other courses like mine are going to cost more, I know because I paid all my mentors much more!

Instead of spending 15-40 thousand dollars, join the Urban Flip Academy for a fraction of the price, and rest assured you’ll get the red-carpet treatment from the start.
As soon as you join you’ll be able to access the full Urban Flip Academy and the 14 day money back guarantee will kick in.
To join now, click the link below.

YES! Please teach me everything you know and help me flip my first house!

Remember, as a student of the Urban Flip Academy, real estate investing is a realistic goal, not a pipe-dream.
Use the tools. Use the systems. Make the most out of the material and resources I’m giving you.
Give it 14 days of real effort. And see for yourself — once and for all — just what’s possible for you as a fix and flip investor.
The time to start, of course, is right now.

Join the urban flip academy